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Published Works


Denied of empathy (Oregon’s Best Emerging Poets, 2019)

How to fit (PRISM, 2019)

The formal gardens (America's Best Emerging Poets, 2018)

Refolding the sky (America's Emerging Poets 2018: Pacific Region, 2018)

what the rain says (Oregon's Best Emerging Poets, 2017)

empiricism (PRISM, 2016)

The stars in your glass (PRISM, 2015)

Winter on the coast (PRISM, 2015)


Planetary Body (Oregon Humanities Magazine, 2019)

A Splitting and a Joining (Oregon Humanities Magazine, 2020)


Systematic identification of recognition motifs for the hub protein LC8 (Life Science Alliance, 2019)

Results In Search For Exotic Cosmic-Ray Air-Shower Events (ERGO, 2015)

How Much Water Does the Great Salt Lake Really Need? (ERGO, 2012)

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